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Asandhimitta | ( අසන්ධිමිත්තා )

Asandhimitta is a Sri Lankan Sinhala drama thriller film released in 2019. ‘Asandhimitta’, based on the novel by Saman Wikramaarachchi and the film has contested in many worldwide film festivals for award categories and international screenings. Asandhimitta wants a man. But there is a problem. She wants an ideal man. Now, that is only imagination in the real world. As she decides to tell her story to her school friend, now a filmmaker, we are in for a series of dilemma-tic sequences. Cast: Nilmini Sigera, Dharmapriya Dias, W. Jayasiri, Yashoda Wimaladharma, Shyam Fernando, Gayani Gisanthika, Rukmal Nirosh, Sandali Handagama, Anula Bulathsinhala Direction: Asoka Handagama Produced by: Cine Sarasavi Films